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Appraisal Services in Phoenix, AZ

Michael W. Huscroft & Associates provides an extensive amount of services along with real estate appraising. With over 20 years of experience, our company is happy to provide mortgage appraisals with an estimated market value that is determined with a thorough evaluation of the home by a professional appraiser. Many customers also seek our expertise to obtain a house image, remove private mortgage insurance, help with estate planning, or consult on legal matters that include divorce settlements.
When scheduling an appraisal, you can expect to have a professional visit the property and perform an inspection that includes identifying specific features that are included in the home. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and bonus rooms will be evaluated before a sketch is made. Any defects or imperfections on the property will also be identified, which will reduce the overall value. Our appraiser will then use a sales comparison or an income approach.
House Property — Appraisals in Phoenix, AZ
Obtaining an appraisal can give you more power when negotiating the selling price of the home. If you're a seller, it can allow you to make repairs or changes to the home before you're ready to list the property. Having proof of a current appraisal can also allow you to attract more buyers. Others can take advantage of an appraisal by purchasing a home faster than waiting for the buyer to have it done.

Appraisals come with different report types and are each custom to the property that is inspected. Each report that is completed by Michael W. Huscroft & Associates meets the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice and can be completed in a timely manner that accommodates your schedule.